ISO 9001 for Institute Memandu Malaysia

iso9001 for Institute memandu

In April 2014, JPJ & MIROS have implemented the grading system “Garis Panduan Penggredan dan Pembaharuan Permit Institut Memandu” for the Driving Institute in whole Malaysia. This grading system takes into account the criteria and application of ISO 9001 as a benchmark which efficient and structured practices globally. Even tough the number of Driving Institute (IM) being ISO 9001 certified is very low at that time, but Government hope by included this criteria in the grading system as a way to promote IM to adopt the ISO certification as a benchmark for their quality management.

IM who wish to renew the permit more than 3 years, one of the criteria to fulfill is must get ISO 9001 certification for their Institute Memandu (IM).


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